New Castings

New Castings can take 4-16 weeks. Whether you have a sketch on a cocktail napkin or a 3D CAD model, we’ll walk through the steps to take your product from concept through production.

Existing Castings

Existing Castings can take 2-10 weeks. If you need to move from a different domestic or international foundry, we will discuss the existing details and get you up and running quickly and painlessly.


Gather Info

Designs/DWGs, Application, Budget, Timeline, Tolerances/Specs


Discuss Options

Tooling/Fixtures, Manufacturability, Optimization, Price Trade-offs



Create Functional or Non-functional Prototypes as needed, 3D Plastic, 3D Sand, & Machine-welded parts



Construct a metal “tool” per consumer requirements. We use tooling to produce wax shapes.


First Articles

Provide Parts, Discuss Results, Modify Process as Needed


Discuss Options

Tooling/Fixtures, Manufacturability, Optimization, Price Trade-offs



Agree on Lead Time, Expedite as Needed, Discuss Inventory



Cost/Lead Time Improvement, Quality Improvement, Weekly Update On Open Orders

Service Capabilities

New aluminum metal casting technologies and practices keep the metal alloy casting method one of the most versatile of all metal forming processes, resulting in a most incredible variety of parts. 

  • We pour aluminum alloys A356, 319, 535
  • Molding methods include automated B&P 16×20, Squesszer and Rotalift
  • Core Process, Shell, Sodium Silicate
  • Heat Treating, T51, T6
  • Machining, CNC Lathes & Mills
  • Laboratory Services & Certifications
  • Computer Aided Production Control, MRP, JIT

Tell Us About Your Product

Reach out for free quotes on new or existing products. Bounce ideas off our team—we are happy to help. We promise to provide excellent service whether you are new in the game or a seasoned manufacturer.