Casting Process

Casting Connection

Our customers have access to workers with decades of experience in the “art” of casting, along with the technological know-how to implement the “science” of materials.
Reg Zeller

Tooling Development

With tooling development complete or the use of existing tooling, the process is off and running.

Casting Mold

Three Types of Sand Casting

We employ three types of green sand molding machines, including automated match plate 16×20, Jolt Squeezer, or Rota lift molding.

Core Set

Fully Automated Core Machines

As needed to lighten or create a passageway within the casting, shell or sodium silicate cores are used. Cores are made on fully automated core machines.

Robotic Metal Alloy Pouring

Robotic Pouring

Robotic pouring assures the tranquil filling of both the ladle and the mold on our automated molding line, enhancing the metal quality and the overall quality of your casting.

Superior Shop Floor

Melt and Metal Quality

To maintain and enhance metal quality, we melt aluminum alloys in clean electric resistance furnaces with digital temperature control. Melt quality is monitored by reduced pressure gas testing to verify rotary degassing and thermal analysis to verify grain structure and modification of alloys.


Attention to Detail

Enhanced attention to detail comes with experience and observation skills—our seasoned team can identify ways to optimize the production process and product results.

Superior Team Member Shot Blasting Product


Before final inspection, parting lines are removed, and castings are shot blasted to blend the overall finish. Castings are inspected before packaging to ensure that we meet our customer requirements.

Superior Team Member Programming

Ensure Repeatability & Certifications

For repeatability, we use process sheets throughout the casting process. Each part has a mold file with all pouring parameters to ensure quality castings. We use spectrograph analysis to continue melt quality as a process check tool for casting certifications.

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